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Fische, die von der Freiheit träumen. Vogelküken, die zum ersten Mal ihr Nest verlassen. Reisende , die auf der Suche nach dem Abenteuer ihr Herz in die Hand nehmen. Das alles gibt es nachzulesen in den Texten, die uns die Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer der Kurzgeschichten-Aktion des Bundeswettbewerbs Fremdsprachen geschickt haben. Über 200 Stories in unterschiedlichen Sprachen sind auf diese Weise zusammengekommen.

Danke für eure großartigen Geschichten!

Hier findet ihr eine kleine Auswahl der schönsten Stories. Weitere folgen, also schaut immer mal wieder vorbei.

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Magdalena Sturm

Englisch, Klasse 8

Departure to anywhere

A long time ago I lived a happy life. So happy that it now seems unreal to me. I lived in a house between the hills with my babybrother, my younger sister, my elder brother and my parents. Mehr

Even then we had a few worries but they were nothing compared to now. Everytime the sun rose, I was looking forward to the day, but then the sun suddenly went down forever. It was like a balloon that suddenly burst without notice. But in reality the balloon was a bomb.
On the 4th of July not only our house collapsed, but also my life. I was with my parents, my big brother and my younger sister were outside when it happend. Only my babybrother was in the house. Dad ran straight in and got him. But the moment he handed the baby over to mom and he wanted to climb out of the wreckage, the last piece of roof collapsed above him.
That was the day I lost dad.
My mom was shocked but she tried to stay strong for her four children. She told us that we had to leave Syria immediately. Life as we knew was no longer safe. It was the war that gradually took away everything I loved. Mom said we had to depart to the coast. There would be boats there. But on the long way we were stopped by syrian troops. They wanted reinforcements.
That was the day I lost my big brother.
As we arrived at the coast mom had to pay all of our money to a stranger. We got an old broken boat for it that we had to share with many other people. We didn´t know where it would take us. We didn´t even know if it could carry us. But we knew it was the only chance to get away. Days, weeks passed in which we sat close together in the boat floating around in the middle of the sea. The food became scarce and we had to stay hungry to avoid consuming too much. One day I thought I would see the mainland but it was just a rock in the water.
That was the day I lost my hope.
One week later a ship suddenly appeared on the horizon. Everyone was excited but the captain said: „We only have room for mothers with babys and young children.“ My mom took me and my siblings with her on board but the captain said I was too old. „But Aleyna is my daughter too! I can´t leave her alone at this tiny broken boat“, mom cried, but the captain was strict.
That was the day I lost the rest of my family.
From now on I was alone with lots of strangers but without my family. Until today I havn´t seen them again. Another week later a bigger ship appeared because the captain sent us help. „Have you seen a young mother with a baby and a little daughter? Do you know where they are?“, I asked the other captain. „Sorry, I can´t help you girl.“
That was the day I lost my words.
I could no longer speak to anyone because grief struck me. We drove around for weeks but no country wanted to take us in. Nobody wanted to have refugees in the country. They didn´t know what it felt like to gradually lose everything and then not to know where to belong. By realizing that I lost the last thing I had left.
That was the day I lost myself.

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Laura Stumpp

Englisch, Klasse 10

Fernweh – Chasing a dream

fern·weh noun,
orig. German
→ a crave for travel; being homesick for a place you've never been

The words shone from the screen. It was the only source of light in the otherwise dark room, a little shimmer of hope amidst the black nothingness surrounding her. For a short moment the keyboard made clacking sounds as she deleted the words to start anew. Mehr

Clack. The last letter vanished.
The longing feeling inside her chest was painfully close to suffocating her, without her even knowing why. Yes, she had always wanted to explore the world; seeing colours she'd never dreamed of, learning about places too beautiful to be real, meeting people who were like her. Like her – the words echoed through her mind. What was like her? She couldn‘t say. Others had tried to pinpoint it down: „Dreamer“, „Airhead“, „Good-for-nothing“, but she instinctively knew it wasn‘t that. It was something else; something deeper rooted than not trying or not paying attention. It was a feeling, something told her that she would shrink like a plant without sunlight, if she didn‘t leave soon. It was starting to rob her of all her senses, a tingling spreading through her whole body, the smell of a different air, sweeter, clearer, more welcoming and the taste of a home away from home.
But she couldn‘t tell anyone, she‘d already tried once: „It's just puberty“, „It'll be over soon“, „It's all your imagination.“
The darkness crept closer. Through the door she could hear the muffled screams of her parents‘ fighting. They had apparently shifted to her as a topic. „She needs to get away, don‘t you see how lost she‘ll be when all her friends leave for a year and she stays here?“
„She‘ll have years to get away after school, but she can‘t perform badly in school just because she‘d like to go on an adventure, please!“
The poisonous, mocking tone of the last words could‘ve cut steel. Instead of listening she shifted her thoughts to her friends. She liked them, very much so, but most of them would do an exchange year and she‘d be all alone again, just like she‘d been in fifth grade. She knew she probably wouldn‘t make new friends if she stayed in the same place - They all knew her, they all held their opinions of her already. Somewhere else though… when closing her eyes, she could see her dreams, a campfire with friendly faces. Faces that said „I understand.“ When people look at her, they see a whimsical child. She had connection to reality, but there also seemed to be something else, something wider, as if she were not fully „there“. And she herself? She saw the world stronger, more vivid, brighter. And she saw the things others didn‘t, little things and things that required imagination alike. By no means did that mean that she couldn‘t act like a teenager. With her friends she laughed, with her parents she shared happiness but there was a little spot in her heart reserved for more. She turned around to her window. The moon and stars glew in harmony, wrapping the world in their light embrace. For a split second the knot in her stomach tightened, tugging, trying to drag her to a far off place, then it loosened again. A breath escaped her lips. She‘d made a decision.

Click-click-click. She opened a new document.

Click-click. She opened a new tab.

Click. She read the words there on her screen: „Student exchange application sent.“

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Johanna Pauly

Englisch, Klasse 10


Again he watched as the world lapsed into chaos around him. He watched as madness and desperation consumed them while they held their deadly, cruel weapons against their own heads. He saw the panic and the hatred in their eyes as well as the compelling urge to be the last one, the best, the highest. Again a society, a world, a planet found its infinite extinction through the betrayal of its own children. Mehr

Again his eyes took in this painfully familiar scene, his memories mixing with reality, his mind clouded with the recurring cocktail of desperation, sorrow, wrath and sheer disappointment. He was furious about the fact that it just didn't work. Despite all his effort and everything he did, it just wouldn't work. All his life he had been working on this project because he wanted to achieve something. Because he longed for company. Because he was lonely. Because he was the only one of his kind. He didn't knew where he came from. One day he was just there. Although he couldn't quite tell where here was. He didn't know what he looked liked or if he existed as a solid figure or if he was some sort of translucent spirit drifting across the universe. All in all he didn't know much, though at some point of his existence he started to asked himself questions. At first they were rather rudimentary and insignificant, like the question about his appearance.
But as he continued forming his self-awareness and as his consciousness developed into something more, something higher than one could imagine, he not only started asking more important questions, but he also started searching answers to his questions and solutions to his problems. His first problem was his non existent or at least to him unknown appearance and after he pondered over this problem for a while he just made himself an appearance. After he successfully gave himself a body with arms, legs, hands, eyes and a face , he started using this once effective method to solve every problem that he was to face. Surprisingly enough it worked quite well. When the void of darkness around him got boring, he created small, colorful islands. He didn't know what they consisted of but that didn't matter. They looked pretty. Some of them were firm and hard, while others were permeable and without a solid form. They were quite intriguing. After a while he noticed that he couldn't see their colors very good,so he created balls of fire, light and energy to light up the void with his creations in it. He observed these planets, as he called them, but they didn't really change. Therefore he gave them all a little spin and as they started moving, something new settled within the universe. Something uncommon. Unknowingly he had started time. And as the time started taking over the planets and suns, there was something else starting, evolving.
And for the first time, he sensed life. It was so familiar yet so strange and he started to form the life into creatures similar to his own appearance. He sensed that he now had the chance to create himself company, he could create a friend. Yet he realized that the more similar to himself he made his creatures, the more cruel and destructive they became. Their minds were corrupted and he couldn't change this. It simply didn't work. So yet again he turned his back at his failed experiment, at this Miscarriage of life. Again. He would try again and again and again........ , GOD thought as he departured and moved on.

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Josephin Marquard

Englisch, Klasse 8


It is the time before the Easter holidays. The four girls Eliza, Charlott - who is always called Charly, Kim and Lillith are making plans for the holidays which they want to spend together. They should be the best holidays they ever had, but one of the girls is keeping a terrible secret. The sun was rising over the horizon as the four girls stood at the bow of the ship. They were on the way to Ameland where they wanted to spend the Easter holidays together with Charly´s family. Mehr

Charly´s parents rented two caravans in the dunes near the seaside - one for themselves and the other one for the girls. Everybody was laughing and having fun on the ship - everyone except Kim. She was quiet and thoughtful. The other girls recognized very soon that something was not okay with Kim. She often went to the beach alone early in the morning and she didn´t talk as much as she normally did. Whenever one of the girls asked Kim what was wrong with her, she replied that she was tired but okay.

The friends started to feel helpless. They were not able to enjoy the sunny weather outside while Kim was sitting inside and writing letters. There had to be something to make Kim feel better! In the evening when it was getting dark outside, the girls persuaded Kim to go to the beach together and listen to the sound of the waves. It was Eliza´s idea to take candles and a matches with them. Her plan was that everyone should light a candle to think of a person or a story that is important to them, by telling the story to the other girls who were sitting in a circle and listening. When it was Kim´s turn to light her candle the others could see that she had tears in her eyes. Her hands were shaking and she was breathing fast. With a shivering voice she started to talk: During the last Christmas holidays I visited my family in China. They live in Hubei, a landlocked province in Central China. The name of the province means "north of the lake“. I love being there, because I get to know a lot of my roots in the country of my ancestors. My grandparents show me photos of my parents when they were young and I really enjoy spending time with my cousins. But the last time when I was there around Christmas everything was different. A deadly virus broke out at a market place. A lot of people who worked at the market or were just visitors became very sick - some of them died. The virus was spreading very fast. Everybody was afraid but nobody was allowed to talk about it, because the political system in China is different from ours and the people are afraid of being punished by the government. My parents and I wanted to stay in Hubei and help our families, but my grandparents told us to save our lives and go back to our normal life. We know that they love us enough to let us go - never thinking of themselves! But we will go back to China whenever our families and friends need our help.
The departure was the hardest thing I had to do in my life without knowing if I will see my family in China again when I come back! For a few days I have know that the virus has left China and there are also victims of the virus in other parts of the world. Very soon we will have the same problems here like they have them in China. We won´t be able to go to school anymore and we won´t be able to see each other. All public places will have to shut down - which means that a lot of people will lose their jobs and the economy might have to cope with a lot of problems. I am really afraid of the future, because I don´t know how things will develop and if my friends and family will survive. I pray to God that there will be a vaccine against the virus as soon as possible. But something is sure right now - our lifes will never be the same as they have been before. So it means there is something like a departure for all of us from our daily life to a new and different one. After Kim had finished to tell her story she put down her burning candle in the sand. The four girls were sitting very close to each other, all of them with tears in their eyes and they listened to the sound of the waves.

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Emily Magnus

Englisch, Klasse 8

Once It All was Blue

I stared into his bright blue eyes and for a moment I forgot everything around me because they seemed unconditionally ecstatic and fearless. Fearless of the unknown that would come. He didn’t care about the future because he was only a little boy, but still I admired it and I didn’t know why. He jumped up and down, up and down on the trampoline and laughed. I just sat on the edge and watched him. How could someone be so delighted and not care about anything, but the moment? Mehr

Suddenly he stopped and crawled up to me. “Why are you just sitting there?” he asked, and he waited so patiently, in a tenacious way, that it forced me to answer, so I replied “I have a lot of homework to do and I am concerned that I won’t make it all until Monday.” He thought for a minute and nervously slid back and forth. It seemed as if he didn’t want me to leave him alone. He stumbled around with his words and slimly brought up that I still had the entire weekend to finish whatever I wanted. I didn’t care, so I hopped down on the grass and walked along the street. I heard him scream my name, but I kept walking away. I was envious because he had something I wanted, happiness. This moment faded away, but this moment was part of his journey. I was part of his journey and now all these moments I had with him faded away, he started fading away. I couldn’t look up at the altar because I felt mournful. I couldn’t do anything for him in the last few months. My cheek felt wet and salty and my candle started to flicker as I placed it in front of his picture. As I sat back down on the bench I just wished that he would run into this church and scream “surprise” and we would all laugh and everyone and everything would be completely fine, but that wasn’t reality and this time I couldn’t walk away from it. I wished, that I would have spent more time with him, when he really needed it, but I felt like from time to time his blue sparkle, in his eyes, would have gotten carried away no matter what I would have done, and as I walked out of church and into the chapel with his coffin laying there, silently, surrounded by flowers, and by his loved ones, I realized that this would be his final ending. All of the people that truly love him were there, but no more blue skies. He wasn’t just the little boy with the bright blue eyes, to me he was someone that always tried to give the best he could to others. Even though he didn’t realize it, it was him that taught me how to get the best out of every atrocious moment, and that made me learn how to live my own life, and for that I am so grateful and so I walked towards his grave with all of the euphoria, that I gained from him, and I threw flowers on his coffin, and maybe someday, when the sky would become bright blue again, he would be able to see the flowers on his coffin and he could see me with him in my mind. It wouldn’t be a goodbye where he waved. It would be his own, memorable departure, that no one could ever take away from him because he had left something for everyone he knew.

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Hanna Kottmeier

Englisch, Jahrgangsstufe 11

Catching the train

It was a warm summer afternoon in the big city. Inside a House sat a pair of siblings, one boy and one girl, and ate their takeaway food in silence. The Room was completely empty, so was the rest of the house with the exception of a few pieces of luggage. The boy stared at the girl. He hated her silence. Mehr

It wasn't like her. She was usually so talkative, full of spirit and sunshine, she was his angel. Now she was quiet and depressed, an empty shell, a shadow of her former self. Her sadness wasn't his fault in the first place, but that didn't lessen his feelings of guilt. Lately he felt like he wasn't a good big brother. He had no idea how to cheer her up. He wasn't good at dealing with this kind of situations, and the fact that he had to deal with his own sadness, distress and utter emptiness inside didn't make it easier either. Tired, overwhelmed by the heavy weight on his shoulders, all he wanted was to curl up in a ball and wait for somebody to rescue him, but he couldn't do that. His Sister needed him to be strong, to give her hope, to tell her everything would be Ok. They had finished their food and picked up the luggage. It was time for them to get to the train station. After locking the door the boy started to walk away. He stopped after a few steps, noticing that his sister wasn't following. His heart sunk when he turned around and saw silent tears stream down her face as she looked at the house they had lived in since they were able to think. Two steps and he was with her, holding her gently in his arms. "I don't want to leave." She choked out through the tears. She didn't mean the house or the city. "They...they left so much behind. All those unfulfilled dreams, the farm, the cats, the paintings." He could feel her small body trembling. "This world is so unfair! Why did that stupid accident have to happen? Why now? Why them?" The girl sobbed into her brother’s shoulders. The shaking girl continued. "I have no idea how things are going to go on now. I feel so lost, so helpless." He drew soothing circles onto the girls back. They would miss their train. He couldn't get himself to care. "Angel," the boy whispered. "I know how awful all of this has to be for you." He gently started. "and I know it isn't fair and I would love for mommy and daddy to still be alive, but it doesn't work that way, so we have to deal with the fact that they aren't, Angel. Mommy and Daddy wouldn't want us to live in the past, trying to catch their ghosts. They'd want us to move on and learn from their death. Learn to appreciate the small things in life, learn how important it is to live our dreams and to value those close to us." He could feel her shaking stop and took a deep breath. "Angel, I want you to know this: I love you so much. I am sorry for letting you down, for being unable to protect you from this catastrophe. I will always be by your side no matter what." The girl wiped her tears away with her sleeve. "Thank you!" She whispered. Then she grabbed her suitcase and ran forward. "What are you waiting for? If we hurry, we can still catch the train!"

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Hanna Eser

Englisch, Klasse 8

Sky over the abyss

I enjoyed the feeling of the warm breeze that played with my hair. The chirping of birds affected me. I was far away from the loud and crowded city. She made me tired and numb, but I left it behind me when I went to nature. Mehr

Only here I felt comfortable. I could not understand the hectic rush of people and their dependence on material goods. That made me an outsider. Nobody in my family had time for me, and so I spend every day in nature, only with the company of plants. I went on until I reached the new country road I hate. It cut through my little piece of peace and relaxation. No plants were growing where the road split the countryside. When my bare feet touched the hot asphalt, a daisy sprung up through a little groove in the road. I bent down to caress it and as soon as I touched it the ground broke up. A ravine of flowers stretched a good two meters wide and many meters long. Inside the abyss there grew gorgeous flowers. I approached it and felt the need to be with the flowers. I looked up and saw cars coming to me in the distance. My instinct told me that everything was fine down there with the flowers. I made a decision. I stepped over the edge and let me fall forward.
Over the girl closed the canyon and nothing told the viewer about the scene. Uninfluenced the cars drove over the patch. Meanwhile, the girl fell in another world.
I could hardly believe I had survived the deep fall. All around there were many different plants. This place was relaxing me. I had a good feeling. “Peace of mind, right, Hazel?” a voice asked me. I turned around. The woman behind me was beautiful and as mysterious as the place where she lived. I nodded. “My name is Ivy”, she added. She led me to a collection of treehouses. The residents gave me a warm welcome. The people were just like me, and so I quickly found friends and became a part of their family. My life between those wonderful plants and animals was good and I enjoyed every second.
Hazel lost the feeling of time in her paradise, but this luck ended when the earth began to quake.
We ran to the patch where I encountered this world. The ravine had opened again, but no one stood at the edge. Stones fell on our heads. Ivy climbed up a hidden ladder to the earth's surface. We followed her silently. Arriving at the top we could see that the abyss broke up to all sides. This time I could not see the other edge. There were neither living creatures, nor plants. Everything was dusty and the air smelled of decay. The Earthquakes went harder and we climbed back to safety.
The humans had destroyed the earth. After that, they've been wasted away by a virus. Now the earth got rid of her outer shell, the used skin. When Hazel’s village woke up in the morning, they could see the sky. The process was finished, and they could enjoy their life in harmony with nature.

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Johanna Feil

Englisch, Jahrgangsstufe 11


I´m a curious person. Always up to something and never resting, but one day I got bored. In fact, I was so bored that I started counting the bricks of our small detached house. When I got to twothousandthreehundredandsixtyfive, it finally started to rain heavily.
Fine, I thought, if that´s everything my hometown in England has to offer me at the moment, I´ll set off to explore the world.
And that´s what I did. Because of the rainy spring I decided to start in Australia. Mehr

I was fascinated by the huge expanse of succulents on dry ground around the Ayers Rock or „Uluru“, what the Aborigines call it. Of course I wanted to see some of the famous corals of the Great Barrier Reef and I was thrilled by their beauty.
My next destination after Down Under was Asia. It was difficult to decide where to go first on this extrordinary continent. I tried on one of the traditional japanese kimonos, saw the Great Wall of China, enjoyed the view from the top of the Mount Everest and played the fool by trying to use chopsticks. In India I was overwhelmed by the smell of what seemed like hundreds of spices, and when I had enough, I moved on to Africa.
The lion´s mane felt soft and I had no fear touching him. In Egypt I let the fine sand trickle through my fingers and admired the complexity with which the ancient Egyptians had built the giant pyramids. One of my favourite things to do was to play the wooden drum in East Africa, the so called djembe.
Next, I went to South America, where I really tried to cut a good figure while practicing some flamenco moves. Hopefully nobody found it amusing enough to make a video!
However, at least I knew some spanish vocabulary. For example llamas are called „llamas“ in Peru, too. Venezuela had to offer all possible kinds of chocolate, but because of the high crime rate I did not stay too long.
The next town on my world trip was Los Angeles, properly speaking Hollywood.
Guess what, I held one of the black and white clapperboards in my hands and compared the size of my hand to Johnny Depp´s on his stone on the walk of fame.
I´m not sure which city was more exciting, LA or New York with it´s breath-taking skyline. Probably both.
I was just about to go to the North Pole, where I hoped to see some polar bears, when somebody gently touched my shoulder.
„We are closing now, boy. I must ask you to leave the museum for today and continue your tour another time.“
A little disappointed that I didn´t make it to the polar bears, I left the museum and returned to my grey and wet hometown.
Nevertheless, I´d seen a lot for one day, and later at home I told my parents about my little adventure. Maybe I´ll travel to all those places. One day.

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Maia Stahl

Französisch, Klasse 10

Le voyage du courage

J’ai l’impression que des milliers de papillons zigzaguent dans mon estomac à haute vitesse. Du calme , je me dis et j’essaie de cacher mes mains tremblantes dans mes poches sans attirer l’attention. Même si personne ne fait attention à moi, bien sûr. Je me trouve seule au grand aéroport de Paris Orly, avec rien de plus qu’un sac de randonnée vert et un sandwich de mayonnaise dans la main droite. Mon ami Gavin me l’avait donné juste avant de me déposer. Mehr
Il n’a toujours pas compris que je ne peux pas avaler une bouchée de cette sauce diabolique sans tout recracher immédiatement, mais bon, on se connait depuis à peine cinq mois. Depuis notre arrivée à l’Université pour être précise. L’Université . Quelques fois je n’arrive toujours pas à le croire parce qu’il me semble qu’hier j’étais encore au lycée. Comme le temps passe vite…
« Excusez-moi, puis-je vous aider ? », une voix douce me fait revenir sur Terre. « Oh-, non merci c’est gentil, mais ça va », je réponds automatiquement en regardant l’employée de l’aéroport qui me dévisage en affichant un grand sourire. Après qu’elle est partie, je me retourne pour faire face au comptoir de billets. Tout d’un coup il me semble si loin… Je prends une grande inspiration et je marche en direction de l’homme en chemise bleue assis derrière le comptoir en gardant les yeux fixés droit devant moi. C’est le moment. Je vais aller lui demander quel est le billet le moins cher pour le prochain vol et je vais l’acheter. Peu importe où cet avion atterrit, je dois y passer deux semaines au minimum avant de prendre une machine pour retourner à la maison. C’est un plan fou, je sais, mais c’est une sorte de projet que j’ai depuis… ben, depuis toujours. Et c’est non seulement à cause du pari que j’ai perdu que je dois réaliser ce projet maintenant, mais c’est aussi parce qu’il faut que je me prouve à moi-même que je suis capable de le faire. C’est une sorte défi entre mon côté sauvage et mon côté timide. Jusque-là c’était toujours ma timidité qui dominait, mais je sens que c’est le bon moment pour libérer ma bête intérieure. Après tout, je suis une adulte maintenant. Pas question de rester timide - il est temps que je sorte de ma zone de confort.
Je m'arrête devant l’homme avec la chemise bleue - j’y suis arrivée beaucoup plus rapidement que je le pensais - et j’avale difficilement pour humidifier ma bouche sèche.
« Comment est-ce que je peux vous aider ? »
« Je prends un billet pour le prochain vol. », je dis avec une confiance qui me surprend moi-même.
Si l’homme est surpris de ma demande, il sait très bien le cacher car il reste absolument professionnel. Moi, par contre, je commence à triturer mes doigts sans faire exprès. C’est le signe qui me trahit toujours quand je suis tendue et un peu nerveuse. Il me semble que maintenant c’est bien un des moments les plus excitants que j’ai vécu. Où est-ce que cette idée folle va m’emmener? Dans quelques minutes je vais savoir si je passerai mon temps à faire des visites culturelles dans une capitale célèbre, où si je dormirai dans une ferme paumée. Peut-être que je vais transpirer au milieu du Sahara en suivant un groupe de nomades, ou serai-je plutôt en train d’essayer de me réchauffer dans un igloo glacial en Antarctique? Quoi qu’il arrive, j’ai trop hâte de le savoir et cette longue attente me donne l’impression que les papillons dans mon estomac font des loopings. Mais cette fois-ci c’est un bon sentiment. C’est l’euphorie face à l’aventure qui m’attend.

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Amelie Schu

Englisch, Jahrgangsstufe 11


His toes clawed into the ground as he faced the steep gradient. Never before had he noticed how steep it actually was, how much space there was between him and the forest floor, a space filled with nothing but air. Mehr

He couldn’t quite understand why he felt like this now. Even on the day of his first flight he hadn’t been so nervous, so scared.
Only a few moments ago, the last of his siblings had left the nest, flying into the whole wide world to unknow places. He doubted that he would ever see one of them again.
Behind him he could hear the silent whispers of his parents, the rustling of their wings. They were impatient now to have him leave too.
“Are you alright, darling?” His mother glanced at him, her big round eyes looking like dark orbs in her white heart-shaped face.
“Taking a last look, don’t you, son?”, his father said and made a step towards him.
He didn’t exactly know what to say. Thinking about it, this might be the first conversation he had ever had with his parents. With many young and hungry chicks, feeding came first always. Talking didn’t belong on the list of things his parents usually had in mind.
He turned away from them, staring again into the dark night. The moon was partially hidden behind some clouds but the stars sparkled as brightly as always.
“Won’t you miss us?” The words escaped his beak before he had really thought about it. “Us all, I mean.”
His mother chuckled, “Of course, we will. I am already missing you, even though you are still here. But young owls have to leave their family, fly into the world and start their own life, that is just how nature wants it. It happens, no matter if we like it or not.”
He couldn’t find the right words to tell them how he truly felt, to express what was going on inside him.
So, all of a sudden, he went for a quick “goodbye” and spread his wings.
His inner eye replayed all the memories bound to this place. The broken eggshells of his siblings, the first mouse he had ever tasted, the first stormy night with flashes and thunder, his own first flight through the forest.
And as he fell into the cold air, feeling the wind rush through his feathers, he felt his heart breaking, all the moments forever burned into his mind.
But as he saw the big trees underneath him, the night sky around him, he suddenly felt truly alive, truly… there.
Of course, he was still scared, he was all alone after all, but at the same time, he had left and the world was in front of him with all its experiences, its dangers, its possibilities.
How good it felt to be truly free.

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Janne Struckmann

Chinesisch, Jahrgangsstufe 11

流行病 和 日常生活
生活停滯不前。人們習慣了什麼。現在已經三週了,由於 流行病大流行而導致的生命已大大減少。Mehr
學校,日託中心,幾乎所有零售店,酒店,飯店,酒吧和咖啡館都關閉了。沒有聯繫。現年35歲的埃利亞諾Eliano也必須為自己的生活水平感到恐懼。他有兩個孩子和一個妻子,非常關心如何進行。他思考什麼對一個社會真正重要。人們最意味著什麼?每個工作場所繫統在何種程度上相關?它本身是否“具有系統重要性”?誰來決定呢?Eliano看著窗外,看到他的兩個孩子在花園裡嬉鬧地嬉戲。他的妻子卡洛塔Karlotta坐在旁邊,似乎也陷入了沉思。Eliano是自僱人士,幾年來一直經營著一家簡單但還算不錯的小餐廳,有四名員工。根據官方命令,他必須在三週前關閉。他把雜貨放在當地的黑板上。否則無論如何你都會被寵壞。他不得不派遣僱員進行短時工作。他從房屋銀行獲得了一筆小額過橋貸款。現在,一些普通客戶正在購買Corona之後的餐廳優惠券,這是滄海一粟。Eliano和Karlotta以前從未見過玫瑰花,但未來將帶給您的現在比以往任何時候都更加不確定。聯邦政府,埃利亞諾和卡洛塔認為 不久將不得不回答一個至關重要的,道德上困難的問題。什麼是較小的邪惡?讓病毒傳播並接受大約150萬人的死亡或維持關閉狀態,造成大量失業,並奪走數百萬人的生計。你能回答這個問題嗎?他將如何決定?當Eliano看著他的孩子時,他聽到仍在播放電視的聲音。他的兒子亨德里克Hendrik已經重新開始學習,這些孩子什麼時候才能學到呢?兩個星期後...鬧鐘響了。Eliano不想讓病毒決定其日常活動,並養成了習慣 早上七點去慢跑 那時他本可以去批發市場為他的餐廳買新鮮的食物。他準備好了,下了樓梯。他已經在第二階段聽電視了。他的孩子們沒有再展覽他。但是這次卻有所不同。他聽著新聞主播的迷住,新聞主播剛剛宣布將釋放接觸塊。Eliano突然感到失重。他擔心這種大流行可能會持續更長的時間,而且他也將遭受長期後果。他突然意識到自己可以再次開餐廳。他衝上電話,興奮地給每個員工打電話。他從他身上冒出來,讓他們可以重新上班,而他們的短時工作也要結束了。每個人都鬆了一口氣,覺得自己終於可以再次呼吸。他加快Eliano上樓梯,喚醒他的家人,並興奮地告訴他們這個好消息。亨德里克要求他的父親不要那樣尖叫。在對未來充滿恐懼的最後幾週之後,卡洛塔(Karlotta)從心底掉了下來。傍晚,艾里亞諾坐在廚房裡。哪一天 他既疲憊又快樂。他為自己倒了杯紅酒,並回顧了過去的幾週。即使不確定的時期對他和他的家人來說都是困難和壓力,埃里亞諾也必須承認世界上有些人的處境更加糟糕。因無法獲得醫療服務而喪生的人,失去工作的人,沒有食物或無法獲得乾淨飲用水的人。他回想起來,意識到自己的孩子從來沒有真正害怕過,儘管他們沒有聯繫,但仍然很有趣。在貧困地區,兒童難以生存。是的,他很擔心,但是他沒有得到很多鼓勵和信心嗎?沒有短期福利,他的僱員將沒有收入,沒有過渡貸款,他將沒有足夠的錢。他的固定客戶餐廳優惠券使他充滿信心,因為他在Tafel員工捐贈雜貨時就意識到了這一點。Eliano認識到慈善和幫助的重要性,尤其是在困難時期,因此決定 去做志願者 以我的貢獻,我想質疑幾乎每個人在危機中反省的觀點。
以我的貢獻,我想質疑幾乎每個人在危機中反省的觀點。我的學校是位於克雷菲爾德(Krefeld)莫爾特克廣場(Moltkeplatz)的高中,多年來有一個援助組織:“非洲莫爾特克(Moltke for Africa)”,該組織與“門興(MenschenfürMenschen)”密切合作。即使在這樣的困難時期,對我們的人類同伴也很重要。我們的捐款將 一百%捐給埃塞俄比亞,埃塞俄比亞的衛生系統並未為這場危機做好準備。埃塞俄比亞只有435台呼吸機。-- 億居民。這就是為什麼我要求每個閱讀我的文字的人都自行考慮考慮捐贈。

Und hier die deutsche Übersetzung...Mehr
Corona und das Leben
Das Leben steht still. Nichts ist mehr so, wie es die Menschen gewohnt sind. Seit drei Wochen nun ist das gesamte Leben als Folge der Corona-Pandemie drastisch zurück gefahren worden. Schulen, Kitas, fast der gesamte Einzelhandel, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars und Cafés, alles geschlossen. Es herrscht Kon-taktsperre. Auch der 35-jährige Eliano muss um seinen Lebensstandard fürchten. Er hat zwei Kinder und eine Ehefrau und macht sich große Sorgen, wie es weitergehen soll. Er denkt darüber nach, was wirklich wichtig für eine Gesellschaft ist. Was bedeutet den Menschen am Meisten? Inwiefern ist jeder einzelne Arbeitsplatz systemrelevant? Ist er selbst „systemrelevant“? Wer maßt sich an, das zu entscheiden?
Eliano schaut aus dem Fenster und sieht seine zwei Kinder unbeschwert im Garten toben. Seine Frau Karlotta sitzt daneben und scheint ebenfalls in Gedanken versunken. Eliano ist selbstständig und betreibt seit ein paar Jahren ein einfaches aber passabel laufendes, kleines Restaurant mit vier Angestellten. Auf behördliche Anordnung hin, musste er vor drei Wochen schließen. Seine Lebensmittelvorräte hat er an die lokale Tafel verschenkt. Sie wären sonst eh verdorben. Seine Angestellten musste er in Kurzarbeit schicken. Von seiner Hausbank hat er einen kleinen Überbrückungskredit bekommen. Einige Stammkun-den kaufen jetzt Restaurant-Gutscheine für die Zeit nach Corona – ein Tropfen auf den heißen Stein. Eliano und Karlotta waren noch nie auf Rosen gebettet, aber was die Zukunft Ihnen jetzt bringen wird, ist ungewisser denn je.
Die Bundesregierung, denken Eliano und Karlotta, muss bald eine entscheidende und ethisch kaum zu vertretende Frage beantworten. Was ist das kleinere Übel? Das Virus laufen zu lassen und somit den Tod von ca. 1,5 Millionen Menschen billigend in Kauf zu nehmen oder den Shutdown aufrecht zu erhal-ten, Massenarbeitslosigkeit zu produzieren und Millionen Menschen damit ihrer wirtschaftlichen Exis-tenzgrundlage zu berauben. Kann man so eine Frage überhaupt beantworten? Wie würde er wohl ent-scheiden?
Während Eliano in seinen Gedanken vertieft seinen Kindern zuschaut, nimmt er die Geräusche des noch laufenden Fernsehers war. Sein Sohn Hendrik hat ihn schon wieder angelassen, wann werden diese Kin-der es endlich lernen, fragt er sich schlagartig.
Zwei Wochen später…
Der Wecker klingelt. Eliano möchte nicht den Virus seinen Tagesablauf bestimmen lassen und hat es sich zur Gewohnheit gemacht, um Punkt 7 Uhr morgens joggen zu gehen. Früher wäre er zu dieser Zeit zum Großmarkt gefahren, um frische Lebensmittel für sein Restaurant einzukaufen. Er macht sich fertig und geht die Treppen hinunter. Schon auf der zweiten Stufe hört er den Fernseher. Seine Kinder haben ihn schon wieder nicht ausgestellt. Doch diesmal ist es anders.
Gebannt lauscht er dem Nachrichtensprecher, der soeben verkündet, dass die Kontaktsperre aufgeho-ben wird. Eliano fühlt sich plötzlich schwerelos. Er hatte befürchtet, dass die Pandemie noch länger andauern könnte und auch er Opfer der Langzeitfolgen werden würde. Schlagartig wird ihm bewusst, dass er sein Restaurant wieder öffnen kann. Er rennt zum Telefon und ruft aufgeregt jeden seiner Mit-arbeiter an. Er sprudelt aus ihm heraus, dass sie wieder zur Arbeit kommen können und ihre Kurzarbeit ein Ende hat. Alle sind erleichtert und haben das Gefühl, als könnten sie endlich wieder durchatmen.
Eliano hastet er die Treppe hinauf, weckt seine Familie und erzählt ihnen aufgeregt von den großartigen Neuigkeiten. Hendrik bittet seinen Vater nicht so zu schreien. Karlotta fällt nach den letzten Wochen voller Zukunftsängste ein Stein vom Herzen.
Am Abend sitzt Eliano in der Küche. Was für ein Tag. Er ist gleichermaßen erschöpft und glücklich. Er gießt sich ein Glas Rotwein ein und lässt die letzten Wochen nochmal Revue passieren. Auch wenn die Zeit der Ungewissheit für ihn und seine Familie schwierig und belastend war, muss Eliano sich eingeste-hen, dass es Menschen auf der Welt gibt, denen es noch viel schlechter geht. Menschen, die ihr Leben verloren haben, weil sie keinen Zugang zu medizinischer Versorgung haben, Menschen, die ihre Jobs verloren haben, Menschen, die nichts zu essen oder keinen Zugang zu sauberem Trinkwasser haben. Er denkt zurück und erkennt, dass seine Kinder sich eigentlich nie gefürchtet haben und trotz Kontaktsperre dennoch viel Spaß zusammen hatten. In ärmeren Gebieten müssen Kinder um ihr blankes Überleben kämpfen. Ja, er hat sich Sorgen gemacht, aber hat er nicht auch viel Zuspruch und Zuversicht erfahren? Ohne Kurzarbeitergeld hätten seine Angestellten kein Einkommen mehr gehabt, ohne den Überbrü-ckungskredit hätte auch er nicht genug Geld gehabt. Die Restaurant-Gutscheine seiner Stammkunden haben ihm Zuversicht gegeben, Zuversicht, wie er sie auch in den Augen der Tafel-Mitarbeiter erkannt hat, als er seine Lebensmittelvorräte spendete.
Eliano erkennt, wie wichtig Nächstenliebe und Hilfsbereitschaft gerade in schwierigen Zeiten sind und beschließt, sich ehrenamtlich zu engagieren.
Mit meinem Beitrag, möchte ich die Perspektive hinterfragen, die fast jeder Mensch reflexartig in einer Krise einnimmt. Meine Schule, das Gymnasium am Moltkeplatz in Krefeld, hat seit Jahren eine Hilfsor-ganisation: „Moltke für Afrika“, die eng mit „Menschen für Menschen“ zusammenarbeitet. Uns ist es ein Anliegen, unseren Mitmenschen auch in solch schwierigen Zeiten zu helfen. Unsere Spenden gehen zu 100% nach Äthiopien, wo das Gesundheitssystem auf eine solche Krise überhaupt nicht vorbereitet ist. Äthiopien verfügt über gerade einmal 435 Beatmungsgeräte für rd. 100 Millionen Einwohner. Des-halb bitte ich auch jeden, der meinen Text liest, um eine Spende nach eigenem Ermessen nachzudenken.

Bildrechte: Elisa Weber

Elisa Weber

Polnisch, Jahrgangsstufe 11

Ryba w akwarium

,,Dzień dobry mama, dzień dobry tata!"Dzieci wychodzą ze szkoły. ,,Cześć kochani!" Mama jest w kuchni, ona przygotowuje jedzenie. Mehr
,,Co słychać?" ,,Bardzo dobrze, dziękuję. Jestem głodny!" Mówi chłopiec. ,,Mnie też!" Mówi dziewczynka. Zostawiają swoje rzeczy na podłodze. Oglądam je, ale nikt mnie nie zauważa. Tak jest każdego dnia: ktoś przychodzi, ktoś odchodzi.Widzę wszystko, nikt mnie nie widzi. A ja w moim kącie, czekam aż ktoś mnie zabierze. Urodziny dziadka, Wielkanoc i Boże Narodzenie... Babcia nadchodzi, wujek przynosi prezenty. Kolacja się kończy. Żegnają się, odchodzą.I wciąż tu jestem, czekam. Radio mówi: 17 stopni w Poznaniu, 15 w Gdańsku...I telewizor jest włączonyl, pracowity jak zawsze.Słucham, czekam. Dzieci bawiące się i rodzice tańczą. Poniedzałek: koło życia zaczyna się od zera. Mama i tata pracują, dzieci są w szkole. Jestem szefem w domu...samotny i znudzony...czekam na dzień, kiedy ktoś mnie przydzie mnie uratować. Ale ten dzień nigdy nie nadejdzie. ,,Pakiet!" Listonosz jest u drzwi. Nikt się nie otwiera drzwi i tak zostawia paczkę przed drzwiami.Jest wtorek, przychodzi sprzątaczka.Zostaw wszystko idealne i idzie. Z kieszeniami pełnymi czekolady od pani szefowej.Jest pewna, że nikt nie patrzy...Środa: karaoke, przychodzi sąsiad. Czwartek: karaoke (tym razem gdzie sąsiad). Nareszcie piątek, nadzieja przesyła pozdrowienia.Ale rodzina idzie do restauracji i nadzieja znika...Jeden dzień, tylko jeden dzień...Następnego dnia: pierwszego dnia wakacji.Nadchodzi dzień wyjazdu, czekam, jestem podekscytowana. Ale nie ma wyjścia, nie dla mnie.Pakują się.Otwierają drzwi, odchodzą. I ja jestem tutaj. Ryba w akwarium.

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