"Mit einem vollen Tank an Motivation" ist Tim aus München im März nach Mannheim zum Finale im SOLO Plus gefahren. Große Begeisterung für Sprachen und den Wettbewerb spricht auch aus den ausgewählten Beiträgen unserer Teilnehmenden. Also bitte: anschauen und weitersagen!

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Sprachenfest 2022 in Potsdam

Preisgekrönter Beitrag in Französisch mit Musik

Das Team der Staatlichen Realschule Marktheidenfeld aus Bayern überzeugte mit der Performance "Brise les murs" Jury und Publikum und gewann gleich zwei Preise: den Preis der Schülerjury sowie den Preis der Vereinigung der Französischlehrerinnen und -lehrer e.V.

Texte vom Sprachenturnier

Schillers "Odysseus" von Fabian Hubach


Schillers "Odysseus" von Fabian Hubach

Transiuit pelage, patriam dum quaerit, Ulixes;
per Scyllae uoces, per torua pericla Charybdis,
per mariumque minas, per tot discrimina rerum,
ducit eum per regna suus Plutonia cursus.
Neritias, ubi fata favent, pervenit ad oras:
exsomnis patriam tragicus non nouit amatam.

Alle Gewässer durchkreuzt’ Odysseus, die Heimat zu finden,
Durch der Scylla Gebell, durch der Charybde Gefahr,
Durch die Schrecken des feindlichen Meers, durch die Schrecken des Landes,
Selber in Aides‘ Reich führt ihn die irrende Fahrt.
Endlich trägt das Geschick ihn schlafend an Ithakas Küste,
Er erwacht, und erkennt jammernd das Vaterland nicht!

Ein Blick in die Zukunft von Blanka Janiga


Ein Blick in die Zukunft von Blanka Janiga

Die Aufgabe war: "Stell dir vor, du kommst in ferner Zukunft auf die Erde zurück und landest in einer ländlichen Region... "

Von Blanka Janiga, Magdeburg

Hi everyone! I thought I would write you a message, since something extremely weird and unusual happened to me just recently. I fell down a wormhole - and landed in the future!
That sounds unimaginable and crazy, but think of Alice who fell down the Rabbit Hole and ended up in Wonderland and you’ll have an idea of what happened to me. I landed in a rural region whose name I cannot tell you because the people here use a language that I do not understand and their letters and symbols don’t make sense to me either. They also live in a way that’s entirely different from what we know - their lifestyle has evolved almost beyond my comprehension.

Every morning, people are woken up by a robot they own (people here don’t have any pets, as far as I can tell, instead robots now fulfill the roles of domestic animals) and then they immediately leave their houses and go to work. Their houses, I should add, aren’t exactly houses like the ones we can conceive of - they’re more like big metal boxes which look almost impossibly small from the outside, but when you step inside, the room around you seems to almost expand, which makes you feel like you’ve entered a spacious castle rather than a tiny container. These dwellings are usually furnished rather sparsely, but what’s very unique and appealing about them is that you can change the furniture’s colour. For example, if you want your entire home to be red in the morning but yellow and green in the afternoon, a simple digital pad allows you to effortlessly switch between the colours.

By the way, almost everything can be controlled with the help of that digital pad. You have to use it to activate the kitchen robots, but also to clean the mirrors in your bathroom. It also allows you to call your “car”, which will take you to work. Said “car” is actually more like a floating vessel. I cannot really describe it, but try to imagine what a car with no windows would look like and that will tell you what these floating vessels are like. Everyone owns a vehicle like that. It’s the only form of transportation and it’s very quick and efficient because it hovers above the ground.
The actual work people do every day depends on their profession, and most of the jobs we know still exist, except that there are more modern and advanced technologies to help people with their work. Food intake is rather minimalistic - instead of consuming lavish meals, people prefer to eat bread-like round cookies and drink protein shakes, both of which are designed to deliver all the necessary vitamins your body may require in one meal. They look a bit unusual, but I’ve heard that you can somehow make them taste like whatever your heart desires, with the help of a mechanism I have yet to figure out.

All in all, I can say that although the way of life has drastically changed, and for an outsider like myself, it takes a lot of time to adjust to all of these changes, I nonetheless think that “the future” isn’t a bad place to be. People seem to be happy and content with their lives and their work, and they are surrounded by lush green plants and colorful flowers at all times, which signals to me that it’s certainly liveable and pleasant. Overall, I believe that if I had to stay here, I could certainly get used to it.